Reading Roundup

February 11th 2013

What makes an article great? Reverberating prose? Inspiration to action? A can’t-put-it down, need-to-know voracity? D, all of the above? Here’s a few that I’ve read recently that I think are great, whatever that means.

1.) There’s More to Life Than Being Happy via The Atlantic

This crossed my radar a month ago and I’m still thinking about it, working through the revelations and subsequent implications. Let’s talk about it?

2.) I Lost my Hand in the Hamptons via New York Magazine

As grim as the title sounds, it’s ultimately an uplifting tale about strength and optimism. 

3.) Female Solo Travel is NOT the Problem via Twenty-Something Travel

A well-articulated response to the American woman murdered in Turkey that put a lot of my thoughts to print.

….AND in related news, check out my recent piece Why I Traveled the World on Thought Catalog.


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