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October 8th 2012



Lots more where this came from! Vietnam pics up on the book.

A Vietnam Itinerary (Or Three)

September 15th 2012

Hi Taryn,

How are you?  Hope all is well and you are still enjoying your travels!

Had a question for you – do you have any Vietnam recommendations from your trip to S. East Asia?  My husband and I are supposed to go to Morocco in two weeks for our fifth anniversary and are thinking of canceling with all of the protests going on in the Middle East and N. Africa.  We are thinking of going to Vietnam instead and trying to plan a trip quickly.  We would have 9 days there.

If you have anything you can send would so appreciate it!



My thoughts, advice and itinerary(ies) after the jump~


TO-DO LIST (Hanoi, Vietnam):

September 14th 2012

STAY: Little Hanoi Hotel. What’s better than super clean dorms and affordable private rooms? A delicious, free breakfast!

VISIT: Hoa Lo Prison. This prison turned museum holds disturbing remnants of the Vietnamese fight against French colonization (vintage guillotines, death row cells), as well as exhibits on the more recent Vietnam War (including ex-prisoner John McCain’s fighter pilot uniform.)

JOURNEY: Halong Bay. Take an overnight booze cruise through this world heritage site of 3,000 limestone rocks protruding from the ocean.

EAT: Pho Bo Ga. Around the corner from Little Hanoi Hotel is this small street stall serving up the best, BEST crispy, pan-fried noodles. 

STROLL: The Old Quarter. It’s everything you imagine a bustling Asian city to be—tea stalls, street vendors, old temples and a sea of motorbikes. 

TOUR: Hoan Kiem Lake. Hire a rickshaw, at sunset, to peddle around the scenic city center. 

Ridin’ Solo

September 8th 2012


Hue, Vietnam (Taken with Instagram)

August 31st 2012

I was a late bloomer when it came to Vietnamese food. My first time I was almost 20, well into my sophomore year of college, when my roommate acquired a 40 year old admirer, who also happened to be the socialite-y owner of a Vietnamese restaurant down in Nolita. 

We let his stalker tendencies slide as we chopsticked spicy grilled squid and spring rolls during that spring of ‘03. Our 10pm reservations routinely stretched til midnight as we binge drank dirty martinis, puffed on Parliaments and waited for our literal meal ticket to take us to Bungalow 8.  

I’ve had many experiences with the cuisine since, but tonight’s takes the proverbial cake. Bale Well, pictured above, is a local hotspot here in Hoi An, famous for its make your own spring rolls (which is coincidentally the only thing that they serve). Barbecued pork is fired up in the corner and served steaming and skewered alongside plates of fresh greens, pickled veggies, shrimp pancakes, peanut chili sauce and rice paper for wrapping, dipping and devouring!

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