Reading Material: Empire of the Summer Moon

February 18th 2013


I LOVED this book. It is long and non-fiction with lots of dates and names and battles and it is not for everyone. But it is a fascinating, true account of the Comanche Indians, the last—and most powerful—Native American tribe to surrender.

I find myself drawn to history in a way that I would describe as wanderlust, thought it’s not a place I’m craving but a time. I romanticize aboriginal culture and the connection to nature, the rituals and the roaming. I want to explore eras as much as I want to discover destinations.

But until time travel, I’ll settle for a good old fashioned American adventure. I was thisclose to booking a plane ticket to Oklahoma ($371 on Kayak…do I do it?) so that I could see Cache, the Quanah Parker Star House and hear the few people left on this earth who can speak Comanche. I’m also dying to check out the cliff dwellings in Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park or go on a Lakota Storyteller tour.

Any other ideas? What’s your domestic travel fantasy?


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