Throwback Thursday: India

February 15th 2013

Happy Throwback Thursday! A friend recently asked me for some India recommendations and I pulled up the below—a meme I had written in mid-December 2011, exactly a month and a half into my India trip. I remember exactly where I was when I typed it: Sitting in bed (snacking on Coca Cola-flavored Mentos) in a guesthouse on a small side street in Udaipur. I had a sparse but charming first floor room painted blue with a window and an electrical outlet next to the bed; the town was full of winding back alleys and a river that separated it into two halves. I had seen so much and still had so much left to see…

How to Make it in India: Everything you Need to Plan, Pack and Prepare

[Here’s an excerpt—yes, the original was actually longer than this—of the email I sent my sister and best friend to get them ready for their upcoming India visit.]

“In terms of packing, I figured you’d both want to know what to bring. Here are my suggestions:

You really do have to dress conservatively almost everywhere here in India, except Goa. That means pants or a long skirt—no shorts. Seriously ladies, no shorts. I wear tank tops when it’s super hot, but I always carry a scarf to cover my shoulders. My basic uniform every day is a pair of colorful loose cotton pants and a white t-shirt.

The north gets chilly at night and the air con trains reach Arctic temperatures. I have an American Apparel zip-up and a North Face fleece that I wear a lot more than I care to admit.

…read the rest here

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