Opportunities, Psychics, et al.

March 13th 2013

I need to blog more. And figure out my life. So here I am killing two birds with one stone…

An opportunity recently presented itself where I could go and travel again and get paid to do it this time. Basically the situation I’ve been trying to find since I got home exactly five months and twelve days ago. But somehow I’m not jumping at it…


Partially because I’m half waiting for tomorrow’s appointment with a psychic healer slash intuitive counselor. Tony. He comes highly recommended from an impossibly hip publicist at everyone’s favorite (or maybe second favorite) Parisian beauty company. Over our leisurely eggs benedict breakfast I tapped his name out in my Notes and it felt serendipitous even then. Waiting lists impress me and when I called back in January he had one two months long–it’s apparently now five months (seriously, see if you can get in before August) since he recently appeared on Dr. Oz, which also impresses me even though I’ve never seen the show. Anyways, the appointment could not have come at a better time (another great sign) because I have no idea what to do with my life and I just want someone who¬†knows to tell me.

I’m basically one step above women who send money to Internet boyfriends.

But, really, I’m just scared to leave again. Which is crazy because all day I advocate for other people to do it–quit your job, take the plunge, etc. And I did it once so I don’t feel too hypocritical but man, I forgot how downright terrifying it is to leave what you know for something that you don’t. And granted, I get the travel part of it–I’m familiar with what to pack, obviously I’ll make friends…but I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

I’d like to publish a book, I think. I want to be happy, for sure. I’m currently on a quest to find meaning (remember this article)…one day soon a family would be nice and career success. I’m not sure if travel is the means to these ends though I’m quite certain that where I’m at now is not. But I guess I’ll see what Tony has to say.

At the very least I’d like to use the phrase “my psychic thinks I should” in future conversations.


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