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New & Improved

March 11th 2013

Welcome to my  new blog layout!!

I’ve been weirdly hesitant about posting these past few weeks waiting for the format to be absolutely perfect; it’s like moving into a new apartment–you don’t want to throw a housewarming party before you have all your furniture, ya know?

Anyways, the big change is the layout (clearly) (and c/o the fabulous Ana Degenaar and Brandie Bernoskie), but I am also now on WordPress (late to the train but super psyched to be on board!), have a filled out FAQ section and finally enabled comments. I only have 3 so far and they’re all spam…so that feels good.

So comment, email, and stay tuned–I still have a few more surprises to come!



A Few Things…

March 4th 2013

  • Holy delayed post! I’ve spent tons of time on my blog lately but instead of writing, I’ve been orchestrating a redesign with the amazing Ana Degenaar of Blog Milk! Can’t wait to unveil the finished product, ETA: 24 hours!
  • I’ve also been crazy busy watching all 13 episodes of House of Cards (in a week). It is AMAZING. Watchwatchwatch.
  • And when that ended, I mainlined Gone Girl which I was told I’d love and hate in equal measures. And while I wasn’t crazy about the book’s ending, I’m still in the former camp. Couldn’t put it down.
  • I was recently picked to be in a Ben & Jerry’s ad. Seriously.
  • Help me on my hunt for the perfect t-shirt! White. Realllly Soft. V-neck. Inexpensive. Sheer. But not too sheer. Long-ish (for a half tuck). Not tight. Normal sleeves. Ideas?


January 26th 2013

Ryan, my travel friend of JustChuckinIt, recently wrote his “5 Biggest Travel Regrets of 2012” which he began with the Arthur Miller quote: “Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets”.

Oh, Arthur. I totally get it. It’s not about not having regrets (double negative, no regrets)—there will always be what ifs, sliding door moments, a butterfly effect; BUT everything, for better or worse, has its place in creating your present. And while you can’t change the past, you can always create a better future. Here, a few things I skipped last year…so that I can make sure to prioritize them in 2013!

1.) Vipassana-ing. There is not a lot that scares me but I would rather hug sharks (plural) than attend a Vipassana Retreat. The ten day meditation course requires not only complete silence of the voice (hard enough) but of the mind—which means no reading, writing, working out—nothing (welp). My extreme resistance is precisely why I will, at some point, force myself to do it. And in all honesty I kind of wish I could hug a shark, too.

2.) Settling. I probably mean this on a lot of levels, but mainly that I wish I could have settled down location-wise. I thought about it in Mumbai…in Sydney…in Tokyo…in Bangkok; I thought about it often but couldn’t get myself to commit, which is a pretty recurring theme in my life. But that’s another post…

3.) Writing. I struggle between writing/reflecting as much as possible and just living in the moment, having fun. The two are inextricably linked to my happiness though sometimes I feel like one comes at the expense of the other: If I’m not inspired I have no desire to create but when I’m busy creating it’s a lonesome, isolated life. When I look back, though, I always wish I had written even more, or at least more seriously. 

Evernotes From: A Crash Course in Social Media

January 9th 2013

I like Twitter as much as the next person, but I primarily use it to follow @meganamram, @chrissyteigen and other people who make me lol. When it comes to the rest of the social media suspects—Pinterest, Facebook, etc.—I’d say I’m active but not proactive; proficient but not at all professional. 

It was a great way to keep in touch from abroad; tumblr-ing from Thailand and a whole host of instas from India. But making it work for me? That’s where I’m lucky enough to have a marketing genius BFF who spearheads campaigns for Cirque de Soleil, MSG and the likes. The below basics are from her tutorial on “branding myself”. Step 1 is to say that without criiinging; but seriously:

1.) Filters, not Just for Smoking.

Figuring out your brand isn’t always easy. First start by thinking of the key words you’d use to describe it—nouns, adjectives, whatever (free association here but things like travel, artsy, intellectual, relatable…). Pick a few and going forward, try to align everything you put forth in some way with one (or ideally all) of these filters.

My favorite? Pippa of Sous Style sums up her filter in four words: sexy new gen homemaker. She’s created a successful brand by reinforcing this persona throughout her content.

2.) Join the Conversation.

My friend’s anecdote for this was as follows: Think of McDonalds—for years the bottom line of their traditional marketing and advertising campaigns was “Eat our Burgers and Fries”. And while I love a good Big Mac, that message doesn’t cut it in today’s digital day and age. We live in a dialoguing world, and the subject of being healthy and feeling good is important. For McDonalds to entice consumers they have to stay relevant, which they absolutely do: Exhibit A.

And while the example above is bigger picture, there’s smaller conversations happening every day, from breaking news to TV shows to holidays. Try and posit yourself in any number of frameworks that align with your filters.

3.) Be Interested, not just Interesting.

It’s all about engaging with other people, not at them. One of my favorite sayings goes You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.

Makes sense right? Follow people, ask some questions, answer others. Forget 100,000 fans, try making some new friends.

Home, Not-So-Sweet

October 5th 2012

In the latest string of string misfortunes, my hemp anklet just frayed into extinction. The literal last tie to my carefree, on-the-road style.

First to go was a leather bracelet embedded with turquoise beads and, unfortunately, a layer of mold because I lazily left it on through showers/swims/monsoons. Next, I cut off an orange Buddhist string, gifted to me in Laos. It wasn’t really interview-chic, and this week was full of those. Also inappropriate? A pair of silky, see-through harem pants, which my mom insists are pajamas.

And then today, my broken hippy anklet. Sadface. So now it’s just me and the long hair, which doesn’t even wave or swing without humid Asian heat.

In all honesty, being home has made me feel a little flat, too. It’s not just the care-free style I’m craving, but the gypsy spirit of wandering.

I’ve actually started wondering if I’m addicted to travel? Is that even a thing? I mean people are addicted to sex, right? And sugar and alcohol. Regardless, jonesing to spend my last remaining dollars on a plane ticket, in spite of the consequences, is probably something I should discuss with Mara (therapist).

I mean, even after a year abroad I stayed up ‘til 5am last night kayak.com-ing my route to Cuba (via Mexico) and highlighting passages from John Jeremiah Sullivan’s recent piece in The New York Times Magazine. ”The fertility of Cuba is the thing you can’t put into words. I’ve never stood on a piece of ground as throbbingly, even pornographically, generative.”

I have to get to Cuba. And the Galapagos, Zimbabwe, Bhutan. I want to see Bangladesh and Tibet. I want to explore, interact and feel lands that throb! But the practical part of me knows that the world is going nowhere.

And, I think that it’s probably somewhat normal that after a year of traveling abroad I’m having commitment issues with my hometown. (I’ll ask Mara). And while I’m lucky that home  is New York, I’m petrified at the same time to get caught back in the rapids of this city’s maniacal current, the crazy and the craazy busy, the bottomless ambitions and the limitless ladders that keep people here trapped—physically, literally, emotionally, all those allys.

If you’ve lost me, it’s because I’m delirious from staying up all night petting glossy magazine pics of Havana and washing my face repeatedly with this random Thai face-whitening wash, which I vigorously use to suds up and transport back.

And so I will wrap this up with the conviction in knowing that what’s important for me is to breathe, swim against the current and focus on the advantages of NYC while I’m here. “Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life”, says one of my Pinterest boards, so I’m starting a new series of monthly adventure posts, at some point in the near future.  Expect things like Yemeni restaurants, Skillshare classes and other experiences aimed at helping me find my own throbbing, pornographically generative footing here in NYC.

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