March 15th 2013

I had my psychic today and he did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

I was hoping he’d somehow justify my urge to flee, tell me he saw a beach or adventures in my near future, but even without his vision of my vision, I felt a clear calling. I will discuss the session at some point when I’m not too lazy to transcribe it (yup, recorded him!) and can eloquently process what I’m feeling.

The aftermath, however, was the desperate SVU-esque need to take a bath. I have lived in my apartment for almost four years and have taken only two other baths: Three years ago when I water damaged my phone bbming with a guy, the last one was a week ago for no particular reason and I realized, I should do this more often.

And then tonight. I poured in a packet of Joyful Bath Co.’s ‘Nilla Buttermilk Renewing Bath Salts and grabbed my over-highlighted copy of “The Art of Non-Conformity” (recently rediscovered); I read it until my upper lip started feeling steamy–I very rarely sweat.

I soaked as hot water turned to cold, as I drained out old and added new, and I read passages over and over again letting them marinate:

“You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to”; “Most people accept the status quo without question, sleepwalking through life, looking in from the outside.”

Then came the “Creating your Ideal World” section. I had drawn an arrow in the margins to this: “Write out your idealized, perfect day in great detail, beginning from what time you get up and what you have for breakfast all the way through what you do for each hour of the day and who you talk to. The more detail you can add to the plan, the better.”

I don’t know if I did this on the first read, though I wish I had scribbled it in the notes instead of looping, script amaaazing‘s and doodles of stars. Tomorrow I will…join me?


  • Sam

    I love this blog post!! It makes me want to relax in a bath right now, lol! You are such a good writer and I love your details…they are so pretty and poetic! Keep writing!

  • Becca

    Hi Taryn! I’ve been following your blog for a while now… mostly because I find myself so often in your words. I’m sorry you didn’t hear exactly what you wanted yesterday, but hearing someone else tell you what you don’t want to hear can make you more attune to what you wish you’d hear. Life is a sum of choices, not reactions so trust yourself! I think I’ll be joining you in detailing out my ideal day – should provide a little perspective for me in what I should do more of! Happy Saturday :)

    • Wanderista

      Thanks, Becca!! And you’re so right….love the simplicity of life being choices (vs. reactions), really good reminder. Still reflecting on my ideal day but will post it soon…would love to hear yours, I’m curious how people compare in this regard! Have a great weekend :)

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