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Throwback Thursday: Outback Edition

April 11th 2013


Remember that time I road-tripped the Australian Outback? Click, click.

The Plan

April 11th 2013

I’ve been writing, I swear! Just lots of drafts.

Most of it has been fairly dark, despite the fact that I feel happy. And when it’s not depressing it’s weird and ADD-ish–haphazard, unedited, far-from-finished. One of my latest masterpieces starts with the title “I Cry While Watching The Voice“. It only goes downhill from there until it tapers off because I got distracted YouTubing videos of past season winners and their auditions. (Wait but seriously, does anyone else cry? Watching people’s dreams come true is BEAUTIFUL).

Speaking of crying, I spent a different half-piece musing about the evolution of tears…from what they mean scientifically to why in the worldd I’ve been crying so much. Not sad tears at all but sort of cathartic, empathetic and sometimes even happy ones (like at The Voice and Lentil). My conclusion, so I can spare you that hot mess of an essay, is that it’s either severe overtiredness (probably) or that I’ve been feeling so acutely alive lately (eye roll, but really). There’s also a lot of anecdotes about how I feel pretty when I cry. My face gets flushed, my lashes look glossy and my eyes are sweet and round. Vulnerable baby deer pretttty.

In way more important news, I’ve been writing a book. Which is the purpose of this whole post: I have a new idea for a book that I’m so excited about! After digitally stopping by a James Altucher Twitter Q & A (from my bed, at 3pm, on a Thursday…before I wasn’t not depressed), I went from a bad place to an inspired one. I am going to self-publish an e-book, a How (and Why) To Quit Your Job and Travel The World manifesto, title TBD, 30-40 pages-ish, talking about the practicalities of leaving interspersed with anecdotal stories, inspiration, advice, etc. Thoughts? What would you want to read? Anything specific? Something totally different? “I Cry While Watching The Voice”??


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