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March 25th 2013

That’s what time it is.

I actually haven’t slept in 44 hours save for three hours last night which barely count because I spent them nightmaring that I was on a flight with this random guy I knew in boarding school and he set himself on fire. Normall.

Usually I giggle and say “I’m like Jack Bauer” when I don’t sleep for more than 24 hours straight, but sometime after hour 30 I feel less cute, more cracked. Thankfully my serious dream googling discovered that fire isn’t a bad thing as long as you’re not the one burning. What it can mean is that you’re being consumed by your own ambition (likely), passionate sexual feelings (rearr) and I’ve already lost interest in googling this further. It’s a fun side effect from lack of sleep, my normally rapt attention span starts waning. That and my appetite.

I ordered mozzarella sticks from Moonstruck diner tonight (last night?) because it was the only thing open at 11:15pm when I got hungry for dinner; then I ate half of them and watched the oozing cheese harden on the remainder as I chugged Activate water (stocked in my fridge thanks to a generous publicist). The Defend flavor felt right. So did a good scrub with my new La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator which is just the perfect amount of rough–like a fancier, better-smelling apricot scrub (a middle school favorite that I still use but only on my arm bumps now)


Deep thoughts

March 18th 2013



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March 15th 2013

I had my psychic today and he did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

I was hoping he’d somehow justify my urge to flee, tell me he saw a beach or adventures in my near future, but even without his vision of my vision, I felt a clear calling. I will discuss the session at some point when I’m not too lazy to transcribe it (yup, recorded him!) and can eloquently process what I’m feeling.

The aftermath, however, was the desperate SVU-esque need to take a bath. I have lived in my apartment for almost four years and have taken only two other baths: Three years ago when I water damaged my phone bbming with a guy, the last one was a week ago for no particular reason and I realized, I should do this more often.

And then tonight. I poured in a packet of Joyful Bath Co.’s ‘Nilla Buttermilk Renewing Bath Salts and grabbed my over-highlighted copy of “The Art of Non-Conformity” (recently rediscovered); I read it until my upper lip started feeling steamy–I very rarely sweat.


Opportunities, Psychics, et al.

March 13th 2013

I need to blog more. And figure out my life. So here I am killing two birds with one stone…

An opportunity recently presented itself where I could go and travel again and get paid to do it this time. Basically the situation I’ve been trying to find since I got home exactly five months and twelve days ago. But somehow I’m not jumping at it…


Partially because I’m half waiting for tomorrow’s appointment with a psychic healer slash intuitive counselor. Tony. He comes highly recommended from an impossibly hip publicist at everyone’s favorite (or maybe second favorite) Parisian beauty company. Over our leisurely eggs benedict breakfast I tapped his name out in my Notes and it felt serendipitous even then. Waiting lists impress me and when I called back in January he had one two months long–it’s apparently now five months (seriously, see if you can get in before August) since he recently appeared on Dr. Oz, which also impresses me even though I’ve never seen the show. Anyways, the appointment could not have come at a better time (another great sign) because I have no idea what to do with my life and I just want someone who knows to tell me.

I’m basically one step above women who send money to Internet boyfriends.


New & Improved

March 11th 2013

Welcome to my  new blog layout!!

I’ve been weirdly hesitant about posting these past few weeks waiting for the format to be absolutely perfect; it’s like moving into a new apartment–you don’t want to throw a housewarming party before you have all your furniture, ya know?

Anyways, the big change is the layout (clearly) (and c/o the fabulous Ana Degenaar and Brandie Bernoskie), but I am also now on WordPress (late to the train but super psyched to be on board!), have a filled out FAQ section and finally enabled comments. I only have 3 so far and they’re all spam…so that feels good.

So comment, email, and stay tuned–I still have a few more surprises to come!



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