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TO-DO LIST (Lake Tahoe):

February 25th 2013

EAT: Tacos Jalisco. No one makes an egg & cheese breakfast burrito like these guys.

DRINK: Pastime Club. Shuffleboard! Pool! Domestic Beer! It’s everything you (or maybe just I) need in a bar.

HIKE: Donner Pass. This trail offers spectacular lake views—and the opportunity to make at least a cannibalism joke or two.

EXPLORE: The Abandoned Railroad Tunnels. These eerie remnants of the Central Pacific Railroad are tempered with intricate graffiti murals.

EAT: Squeeze in. I’m a sucker for any restaurant that’s been featured on The Food Network; this place is home (and rightfully so) to a Bobby Flay Throwdown featuring their Racy Tracy omelette.

SKI: Northstar. The perfect ski resort.

APRÉS SKI: Lone Eagle Grill. A fire pit, perfect view of the lake at sunset and almond joys—a hot chocolate, coconut rum, amaretto and whipped cream mixture. Go for those.

Reducing Overhead

February 20th 2013

Been thinking about this a lot lately… (via Upworthy)

Reading Material: Empire of the Summer Moon

February 18th 2013


I LOVED this book. It is long and non-fiction with lots of dates and names and battles and it is not for everyone. But it is a fascinating, true account of the Comanche Indians, the last—and most powerful—Native American tribe to surrender.

I find myself drawn to history in a way that I would describe as wanderlust, thought it’s not a place I’m craving but a time. I romanticize aboriginal culture and the connection to nature, the rituals and the roaming. I want to explore eras as much as I want to discover destinations.


Throwback Thursday: India

February 15th 2013

Happy Throwback Thursday! A friend recently asked me for some India recommendations and I pulled up the below—a meme I had written in mid-December 2011, exactly a month and a half into my India trip. I remember exactly where I was when I typed it: Sitting in bed (snacking on Coca Cola-flavored Mentos) in a guesthouse on a small side street in Udaipur. I had a sparse but charming first floor room painted blue with a window and an electrical outlet next to the bed; the town was full of winding back alleys and a river that separated it into two halves. I had seen so much and still had so much left to see…

How to Make it in India: Everything you Need to Plan, Pack and Prepare

[Here’s an excerpt—yes, the original was actually longer than this—of the email I sent my sister and best friend to get them ready for their upcoming India visit.]

“In terms of packing, I figured you’d both want to know what to bring. Here are my suggestions:

You really do have to dress conservatively almost everywhere here in India, except Goa. That means pants or a long skirt—no shorts. Seriously ladies, no shorts. I wear tank tops when it’s super hot, but I always carry a scarf to cover my shoulders. My basic uniform every day is a pair of colorful loose cotton pants and a white t-shirt.

The north gets chilly at night and the air con trains reach Arctic temperatures. I have an American Apparel zip-up and a North Face fleece that I wear a lot more than I care to admit.

…read the rest here

Nothing to Lose

February 12th 2013

Wake up to the day, and life, with inspiration via Bryan Franklin:

“I want you to imagine a version of yourself that has no shame.

That doesn’t have anything to prove. That’s already proved everything. That’s gotten the validation from all the people you’ve ever wanted it from. Declare yourself the winner of any game you could think of playing. No one doubts you anymore. Least of all you.

Imagine there’s nothing to hide. That you’ve already revealed every secret you could possibly have. Everything you can think of that you are subtly and not so subtly hiding every day. All of that has already been revealed.

And imagine there’s nothing to lose. Either because you’ve already lost it anyway or because anything you could possibly lose isn’t real.

And then ask the question, “What do you want?”

In that state, “What do you want?” Now if that question doesn’t freak you out then you aren’t really asking honestly.

Every minute you spend doing anything that isn’t moving towards the answer to that question is simply a waste of your life.

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