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Planes on Plains

January 31st 2013



Planes on Plains (somewhere over Colorado)

January 29th 2013


Chaiwalla, Old Delhi

The Chai Diary…

Every single day of my 3+ months in India, I drank chai: As a respite from the deluge of Old Delhi or a compliment to the flavors of Shantaram…as a morning pick-me-up or a soothing post-trek sip, from corner chaiwallas to homestay moms, I couldn’t get enough.

And I’m not insulting Starbucks chai (which I especially enjoy iced), but India chai is on another level—milkier, creamier, sweeter. It’s like liquid creme brûlée but spicy with a hint of Lipton’s. And oh, I miss it.

So when I met the lovely Seema (thanks to an Onken Family brunch production) and heard about her culinary endeavors, spice adoration and Gujarati roots, I enlisted her help. Last night she inspired me to try veganism and taught me to make real, legit chai. Recipe and pics after the jump.





Cardamom pods

Black pepper


Black tea

Goconut sugar


Combine one cup of water and one cup of milk (almond or regular), bring to a boil; grate a small chunk of fresh ginger and add along with crushed cardamom pods, black pepper and one or two tea bags (depending on desired strength). Finish off with coconut sugar to your taste. It’s that simple.

Serve with a kale salad (another recipe I’ll be sharing soon) and jalapeño hummus. 





(From top to bottom: Shopping, Simmering, Photographing, Serving)


January 26th 2013

Ryan, my travel friend of JustChuckinIt, recently wrote his “5 Biggest Travel Regrets of 2012” which he began with the Arthur Miller quote: “Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets”.

Oh, Arthur. I totally get it. It’s not about not having regrets (double negative, no regrets)—there will always be what ifs, sliding door moments, a butterfly effect; BUT everything, for better or worse, has its place in creating your present. And while you can’t change the past, you can always create a better future. Here, a few things I skipped last year…so that I can make sure to prioritize them in 2013!

1.) Vipassana-ing. There is not a lot that scares me but I would rather hug sharks (plural) than attend a Vipassana Retreat. The ten day meditation course requires not only complete silence of the voice (hard enough) but of the mind—which means no reading, writing, working out—nothing (welp). My extreme resistance is precisely why I will, at some point, force myself to do it. And in all honesty I kind of wish I could hug a shark, too.

2.) Settling. I probably mean this on a lot of levels, but mainly that I wish I could have settled down location-wise. I thought about it in Mumbai…in Sydney…in Tokyo…in Bangkok; I thought about it often but couldn’t get myself to commit, which is a pretty recurring theme in my life. But that’s another post…

3.) Writing. I struggle between writing/reflecting as much as possible and just living in the moment, having fun. The two are inextricably linked to my happiness though sometimes I feel like one comes at the expense of the other: If I’m not inspired I have no desire to create but when I’m busy creating it’s a lonesome, isolated life. When I look back, though, I always wish I had written even more, or at least more seriously. 

Choose Happiness.

January 22nd 2013

New York State of Mind

January 21st 2013

When I got back from traveling, I tucked away crochet tops from Thailand, bangles from Bali and literally/metaphorically hung up my backpack. My fancy Nikon DSLR sat displayed on my vanity, next to jewelry and an orchid plant—until last week.

I chose my camera over a necklace, grabbed water of the coconut variety and started walking: Uptown, downtown, midtown; wandering in solidity and state of mind. Scroll and see: 






(From top to bottom: Coleman Skatepark, Grand Central, Times Square, East BroadwayMulberry Street)   

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