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A few things…

October 29th 2012

  • I’m long gone from Sandy’s path but in solidarity, I’ve started a Homeland marathon and it is AMAZING. 
  • I’m excited to return to my beauty roots with a new online column—details to come.
  • I’m re-reading some Eckhart Tolle and doing some deep thinking about life, love and the likes. What are your go-to inspirational books/essays/etc.?

October 28th 2012

Q & A: Peru Edition

October 24th 2012


Hope all’s well! So I am heading to Peru to do Machu with a few friends and trying to gather as much info and tips as I can now, as we plan it out. Please pass along anything/everything, I’d really appreciate your thoughts.


A lot of my thoughts after the jump~


You’re going to have the besttt time in Peru!

The cheapest flights are into Lima and I suggest spending 3-4 days there experiencing the fun nightlife and great food.

From Lima, you’ll fly to Cusco, one of my fave spots in South America and the beginning of your journey to Machu Picchu (or as the locals call it, MaPi). I would suggest doing the original Inca Trail…it’s a four day hike through all of the ruins culminating in the final trek. If you want something even more intense, check out the seven day Mountain Lodges of Peru tour.

Speaking of MaPi, make sure you get there early (like 4am early) so you can score a pass as soon as it opens to the higher mountain of Waynapicchu. They only let 400 people up every day and it is so worth it to be one of them.

Also, it’s important to remember that the altitude in Cusco can take a day or two to get used to, so factor that in before heading out.

If you have extra time I suggest taking a trip from Cusco to Puno (about 7 hours by bus) to see Lake Titicaca. It’s stunning. Other hotspots: Mancora for surfing and Huacachina for its famous sandboarding.

In terms of hotels…I was on a budget so I did hostels but I recommend them regardless because you’ll meet so many people. Loki is the best hostel chain in Peru and there’s locations in Lima, Cusco and Mancora.

Now, for some specifics! Click click for my food/drink/sightsee reccos for Lima and Cusco.

Upstate of Mind

October 22nd 2012

After a year of kinetic, frenetic travel, there’s a discord in the stillness of being home. A sense of belonging no longer there and still not here. But country air and nature are better than benzos and a weekend upstate, in the peak of a fall, helped me settle into the uncertainty. Scroll and see:

Peak foliage

Del’s Dairy Creme, a swirl of good old fashioned Americana

New friends, home-cooked quinoa and group photos

A day at the Dutchess County Fair

Fried dough and llamas at the annual Sheep & Wool Festival

Goat milk soaps for sale (honey, candles, yarn and finger puppets too).

TO-DO LIST (Cusco, Peru):

October 18th 2012

CHUG: Mate de coca. Made from the same leaves as cocaine, this delicious tea doubles as a bonafide cure for altitude sickness 

EAT: Yajuu. It may look like the culinary equivalent to Subway, but reserve judgment on this Peruvian chain until you’ve had one of their sandwiches de pollo 

EXPLORE: Pisac Markets. Hire a taxi and head an hour out of the city to this busy bazaar filled with brightly colored fruits, veggies and Alpaca wool goods.

ADVENTURE: Sacred Valley Via Ferrata & Zip Line. Rock climb high over the Sacred Valley to enjoy the stunning view and thrilling zip-line all the way down.

LUNCH: Jack’s Cafe. An institution in these parts, as evidenced by the always long-wait. 

SPLURGE: Chicha. This fancy shmancy dinner spot is helmed by Gaston, the Anthony Bourdain of Peru

DRINK: Mama Africa. Bond with locals and travelers alike at this small scale club.

ORDER: Trout. It’s a specialty in Peru, along with guinea pig (which tastes like fatty dark-meat chicken in case you’re curious).

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