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Picture the World Project

July 31st 2012

Have a snapshot from your travels that captures a country perfectly?

The team behind The Departure Board launched their “Picture the World Project” a comprehensive gallery with the best of the best in travel photography. Here’s mine

Check it out and/or submit your own! 

Travel advice…

July 29th 2012

I get a lot of emails asking me for travel advice/suggestions/itineraries…I LOVE sharing my recommendations so don’t be shy!

In addition to the to-do lists that I routinely post, I’m going to start excerpting some of the emails that I send, as it doesn’t make any sense for them to live and die in my inbox.  In the post prior to this one, you’ll find a letter I sent an acquaintance about Bangkok.

I’m also going to post some of the amazing travel advice that other people have sent my way.  If you have anything you want to share on that front, please do! Next up is Vietnam and Cambodia for me and I’d love any recommendations. 

TO-DO (Bangkok, Thailand):

July 29th 2012

Hi Taryn,

Hope you’re having fun in Europe! 

I’m going to Bangkok in August and just wanted to see if you had any recommendations for me. Must see/eat/drink. Thank you!



I am obsessed with Bangkok. It is in my top five favorite cities in the world. I’ve been there four times on this trip alone and twice beforehand!

SO ok, here goes:

Shopping in Bangkok is AMAZING. The best spot for inexpensive clothes is Platinum Mall…it’s really three malls in one and it’s all wholesale clothes (almost everything is between $10 and $15). You definitely have to sort through lots of junk (the bags and shoes are not great), but I found cool Kain-esque tees and body con dresses. MBK is another good mall (lots of real and knock-off technology…you can get a fake iPhone or the craziest 7 foot camera lenses) with an AWESOME food court.

Speaking of the food court…MBK food court deserves it’s own paragraph. Asian food courts are always great, but this one is incredible…delicious pork with rice, roasted duck and tons of other cuisine all for verrrry cheap—like $2 cheap. This is actually probably my favorite place to eat in all of Bangkok. (Important note: make sure you don’t get confused…there’s an international food court on the 5th floor that’s gross; you want the asian food court—6th floor—and you’ll know when you’re in it.)

Also, I eat off the street in Thailand most days because it’s so cheap and good…there’s mini outdoor markets on almost every corner with great chicken and rice…plus pad thai is amazing no matter where you get it. Don’t leave without trying mango sticky rice!  Also, I drink about 4 coconuts a day. Lonely Planet posted this place on twitter a while ago, I’m hoping to check it out next time I’m in town.

If you’re there over the weekend you must visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It’s really fun (I’m fairly certain it’s one of the biggest outdoor markets in the world) and has lots of great finds and delish food stands.

Khao San Road is another must-visit. It’s super touristy but you should go there one night just to check it out…it’s a whole street of outdoor bars, stores, food stalls, massage parlors etc. It’s also your best bet for meeting other travelers.

Some other things to do: See a Muay Thai fight (there’s a big outdoor arena that puts them on, i forget the name but go to that one…and make sure you don’t go to an amateur one where they wear helmets and pads! The real ones are wayy better), check out the floating markets, sip drinks at Lebua (you’ll recognize it as the hotel from Hangover II).

Chinatown in Bangkok is great! It’s not as big as you would imagine, but it’s very pretty—red lanterns hanging everywhere, very colorful and delicious food! Find one of the delicious roast duck places and just sit outside and enjoy the view and the people.

Get a massage—or ten! SO cheap and amazing! Also—DO try the fish pedicures no matter how much they scare you. After you stop uncontrollably laughing from the tickle-y feeling, they are AWESOME.

Wat Pho is a cool temple with a giant reclining buddha. For me I had spent three months in India before coming to Bangkok so in all honesty, I was a little templed out, but it’s definitely worth an hour or two there.

Let me know if you have any other questions!!!

Have the best time!



July 29th 2012

The Grand Bazaar (Istanbul, Turkey)

Think Clean

July 29th 2012

A little food for thought.

(yes, I follow a therapist online…)


As soon as food is processed, nutrients are lost.  This is why fast food is unhealthy for us.  We all know this.  I believe it’s the same with our thoughts.  By “processed” I mean allowing friends, family, society, our history, fear distort our truth.  Most of us live processed.  Our thoughts are not pure.  They are fried in a deep pan of oil made up of our past and other people’s opinions.  Transparency means to think clean, honest, unprocessed.

– Angry 

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