Entries from June 27th, 2012

June 27th 2012

The bf’s fam has pigs and I fed them…or for a more clever caption, “Pigging Out.” And on a side note: THOSE TAILS!!!! *Squeal* (Beaumaris, Wales)

June 27th 2012

Kisssses. (Taken with Instagram at Beaumaris, Wales)

June 27th 2012

Scenes from the drive. (Beaumaris, Wales)

June 26th 2012

I feel like I forgot to mention that I was going to Europe…to visit the bf (he’s British)…to roadtrip through the UK: England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland.

I thought I would hate it here, that it would pale in comparison to Asia, that I would be clinically depressed from so much rain but I LOVE IT! There’s sheep and castles and HISTORY and even the gloomy sky is PERFECTION…the rain poetic and plentiful leaving everything greeeeen, a vivid shade that I swear doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

My boyfriend wakes me up every day with milky tea and says things like (I wish I could type with an accent!) “you have brought the weather with you, honey” every time the sun peeks through the clouds. We drive on twisty, tiny, windy country roads and he patiently pulls over every time I squeal at cows and lakes and things that NYC girls aren’t used to.

June 23rd 2012

Roadtripping through the UK. (Lake District, England)

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