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March 29th 2012

Kinkaku-ji, temple of the golden pavilion. (Kyoto, Japan)

March 27th 2012

The tuna auction at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market will probably go down in history as one of my all time fave travel experiences. I need to write about it in detail and edit the pics, so elaborate post COMING SOON. In the meantime, check out these bad boys:

They weigh upwards of 400 pounds and I don’t understand Japanese so I can’t quote exact prices, but google said there are tunas that have sold for $736,000. 

And in kind of related news, some other posts I need to write:

  • My amazing/terrifying/awkward/fun experience at an onsen aka Japanese bath house.
  • My real live geisha sighting and the fact that I want to be one in my next life/right now.
  • My upcoming Australia trip where I will be staying with a guy that I met back in December…at a club…in India…one time…and have emailed with almost every single day since.
  • Japanese ramen.
  • Why it’s so hard to stay in shape while traveling. See above.
  • My homesickness, or something kind of like it.

March 27th 2012

Traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto via the bullet train wasn’t cheap, but as far as I’m concerned it was worth every single yen for this glimpse of Mount Fuji. And the amazingly cute old woman I sat next to who insisted on giving me a box of chocolates as a parting gift. Glad I just thought of them…snacktime!

March 25th 2012

My dad left today and i miss him SOOO much!!! dadddd, come backkk…eating 4 cream puffs in a row by myself is lonely….and not remotely as fun or funny.

In other important news, I saw some harajuku girls today:

and this:

So I’m pretty happy. Heading to the Tsukiji fish market at 3:30 am tonight (technically tomorrow) to check out a tuna auction and eat what will supposedly be the best sushi of my life. Psyched!

March 25th 2012

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