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Itinerary Update

February 29th 2012

I’ve been hard at work on my plan and my tan here in the south of Thailand.

Here’s all the details on the former. (I’ll post pics of the latter soon):

now —> March 19th: Thailand (island hopping down south, elephant-camp volunteering up north) and maybe Cambodia

March 19th —> April 5th: Japan (o.m.gee sooo excited, my father is meeting me in Tokyo where we will eat nothing but ramen and sushi and look at cherry blossoms because it’s CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON then I’m off to explore Kyoto and ?!?…if you have Japan reccos pleeease message me)

April 5th —> end of May: Australia & New Zealand (beaches, boarding, boyfriends AND kangaroos)

June: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos….(making my way back uppp)

July —> August: Europe (specifics TBD but my mom and sis are planning a visit woooo)

WanderMUSTS: February Edition

February 28th 2012


1.) Bought an almost identical dress at Bangkok’s Platinum Mall. Obsessed: Rebecca Minkoff Claudia Dress

2.) Just downloaded Season 3: Breaking Bad

3.) Found a travel size tub of my fave body scrub in a Bangkok Boots Pharmacy. Score: Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish

4.) Currently reading: The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

5.) So happy I packed my fave sneakers: Ash Footwear Cool Wedge Sneaker

6.) Come play with me: Pinterest

February 26th 2012

Usually I love motorbikes, today I hate them. 

I’m totally fine but I spent my day at the Koh Phangan hospital while the doctors spent almost three hours stitching up my friend who crashed his bike last night.

Backtrack: I made two guy friends last week in Bangkok, an Aussie and un Francais, and we all decided to make the 24 hour trip down to Koh Phagnan together. 

We booked a bungalow for $4 a night that sits right on this quiet, perfect beach, where I sat yesterday watching the sun set feeling so.so.happy.

Fast forward a few hours later to us at a live music bar, along with a few other newfound bungalow friends, singing along to Kings of Leon, drinking Changs and Mixed Berry Bacardi Breezers (ok, just I was drinking those). At about 1am the French guy and I decided to call it a night. We hopped in a taxi, made a pit stop at 7-eleven for a casse dale de minuit (late night snack) and were sound asleep by 2. 

At 6 am our Aus friend still wasn’t back. I woke up suddenly with a horrible pit in my stomach and didn’t have to wait long for our neighbor to came back shaken up with news that my friend was in a bad bike accident.

I’ll spare you the details but his face was virtually unrecognizable, he is missing toes and his bike was smashed, to the point that he has to buy the rental place a brand new one.

I sat today in the island’s small (but very competent) hospital shaken up and scared. My friend is SO lucky to be alive. He is not paralyzed, he does not need plastic surgery, he walked out of the hospital. He is also SO stupid to have been drinking and recklessly driving, sans helmet.

I’ve experienced accidents and deaths and really really bad things. As time passes, it’s easy to forget the life lessons: How fast things can change, how stupid split second decisions can come with a lifetime of consequences. 

There are lots of factors that are completely out of our hands but being responsible is not one of them. I’m lucky to have gotten a reminder without the tragedy. Please make smart decisions and please please be safe. xo 

February 26th 2012

coconuts & crepes at the Pantip Night Market. (Koh Phangan, Thailand)

February 25th 2012

Hello. (Koh Phangan, Thailand)

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