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a monumental moment

November 30th 2011

When I got to the top of Machu Picchu, I remember thinking that it was amazing and incredible and absolutely beautiful but in some way I felt disappointed by it. I was waiting for a host of cliches: Something to take my breath away, to be earth-shattering. And unfortunately it fell short—how could it not?

My experience at the Taj Mahal was different. I was blinded by the bright white monument from the moment I walked out of the dark, crowded entrance gate.

I loved it. I loved that I was in India, getting to see something so famous, so wonderful. I loved the beautiful day, my company, the myriad photo opportunities, the energy, the peace among the hustle and bustle. I loved sitting down on the cold marble floor and staring up and, most of all, I loved the reason for the monument’s very existence. The lone plaque in front reads:

“The Taj Mahal a marvel on marble was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in commemoration of his favourite wife, Empress Mumtaz Mahal…Mumtaz Mahal died in 1631 A.D. at the birth of her 14th child. The grief stricken emperor made all efforts in building the tomb in her memory, which is universally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful creations on earth. After his death in 1666 A.D., Shah Jahan was also buried beside his beloved wife in the Taj Mahal.”

SO romantic, right?

All the love that I felt looking at it made sense. And while it didn’t take my breath away, it helped me take a really deep, happy breath in.

November 29th 2011

Taj Mahal. (Agra, India)

New Delhi, India Reccos

November 28th 2011

TO-DO LIST (New Delhi, India):

VISIT: National Gandhi Museum. Not as good as its Mumbai counterpart, but this one has the bloody clothes he was shot in, so there’s that.

SHOP: Apartment 9. My future home will look like this ABC Carpet & Home-esque furniture store.

EAT: Amici Cafe. Good pizza and fresh squeezed juice, two of my favorite things.

WALK: Hauz Khas Village. A boho neighborhood with great bookstores, coffee shops and even Bagel’s Cafe (which tastes sort of like Lender’s).

PLAY: Ravi Mehandi Art. Patronize this talented henna artist at his post directly across from the Domino’s Pizza in Greenpark market.

PEEP: Humayun’s Tomb. My favorite of all the city’s tourist attractions.

EAT: Karim’s Hotel. It’s dirty and greasy, but this New York Times-reviewed restaurant is a total institution for authentic Mughal food.

DRINK: Sudarthan’s Flavoured Milk. I wish I could tell you where this heaven was…

EAT: Wenger’s Deli. If you feel fat, order a cream roll, then head next door to fight the crowd (and really let yourself go) at Keventers for a Butterscotch milkshake.

EAT: Cafe Diva. An upscale Italian cafe nestled in the N-block of Greater Kailash, a home-shopping heaven.

WALK: Old Delhi. Yes, there’s the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid Mosque, but the main attraction is the dirty, crowded, overwhelming and absolutely amazing maze of stalls selling everything from spices to stationary to bathroom fixtures.

EAT: The Big Chill. Would you believe me if I told you the second best baked ziti in the world is from this Delhi chain? (A quick shoutout to Tenafly Pizza, you’ll always be my #1)

November 27th 2011

Nothing like starting the day with fresh chai. (New Delhi, India)

flavored milk

November 26th 2011

Today, in the maze of shops that make up Old Delhi, I stumbled on Sudarshan’s Flavoured Milk stand. 

There was a wide selection: Butterscotch, Mango, Rose, Pineapple. I chose a Strawberry milk. Then I had a Vanilla one. The stand was a little dirty…and the recycled bottles were a lot dirty. But the milk! It was cold and sweet, without being overly so. If I knew how to get there again, I’d highly recommend it. Annnd, I’d also probably go back tomorrow to try the Coffee flavor…

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